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What if, because of health reasons, you could never dance again.

Would you leave the Dance environment entirely, cut yourself off from other dance friends and events? Or, would you dedicate yourself to helping other needy dancers (like talented youths who can't afford lessons), your dance association or other non-profit dance group?
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You should define what do you need to know - not been able to dance yourself or being unable to socialize with dancing friends?
If somebody won't be able to dance - he/she will definitely save a fortune. Not being able to socialize with friends from dancing community is worse. It is so exiting to hear who made a new couple and who split and why. I love it. Also is so enjoyable to discuss the results of the competition where you know all the competitors.
I would never sponsor any children - they have to earn everything themselves. I don't believe that an induvidual should do that. This is responsibility of the government. Look at Germany - they earn the most olympic medals, because the country cares for developing of sport - ballroom camps for the children, group lessons in the clubs from the famous coaches. It shouldn't be a somebody charitable activity but planned government politics of investment in sport - and only hockey and baseball.

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your question really hit me, as I am facing major back surgery in 3 weeks. I will be out at least 4 or 5 months, with of course no guarantee that I will be a competitive dancer again. Dance is what I love most in the world, it is the food of my soul. During my non-dance time, I will be dependent on this site to keep up with dance news and hope people are kind enough to post results of the major comps: UK, Classique, Heritage, etc.
There was an earlier two-year period when I could not compete for a similar back problem, but I was able at least to take lessons. I went to Miami just to watch, also all the local comps, and that helped me feel less cut off. It is very painful though to be there and not dance. I found I could not watch my own division, that was truly too painful.
I cannot accept the idea of never dancing again, so I am forging ahead under the assumption that I will be back on the floor within the year.
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Hi gingerbread,

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, and especially as you mentioned, you are actually facing this situation with your back surgery.

Was this an injury that you have as a result of dancing or perhaps some car accident or other sports injury? It must really be serious to have to have surgery, so we assume you must have tried all types of alternative treatments.

Please take care. We're here for your moral support. Group Hug

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I think this is one of the reasons why I've developed other activities around dance.

I love to try to take photos.

Then there is the shopping and dressing up other people. A girlfriend and I have a small competition to see who can get the other to spend more money. Though I have to admit lately, it's been "Are you sure you really need that?"

And then the most annoying aspect, is watching other people practice and offer up suggestions on choregraphy, styling, or timing.

Of course, there is always wheelchair ballroom dancing. At a costume ball, I had a partner for a set dance (think contra, english, or square dancing) and you can be amazed what can still be done in those little sporty wheelchairs.
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I just broke my foot two weeks ago, and obviously can't dance for a while - - at least 4 more weeks. And I've been devastated. I feel like part of my life has been cut off. I'm not up to going to the studio yet to watch and visit. I'm trying to push myself to do my "core" and upper body strength training, but in the back of my mind I'm wondering if I'll ever be able to dance again. I can't even imagine that. But I love the dance world so much, I feel I would want to do something in that area - - definitely help people, maybe ballroom sales of some sort - - I don't know. I'm just trying to keep my morale up now and heal.

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As long as I'm not totally paralyzed, I'll still attend shows, local competitions, etc. Depending on the extent of my disability, I'd probably take up an instrument or voice lessons. I don't think I'd cut off my dance cronies entirely.
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I would still be involved in dance. I could never cut myself off completely.

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At first I thought that you meant what if I could never physically dance again- if that was the case I'm be extremely miserable. But if I just couldn't participate in competions then I would dance at parties and clubs--dancing is my joy and as long as I would still have it I'd be fine.
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if i couldn't dance ever again. i would not know what to do with myself. i think i would become depressed, because dance is an expression of which i let my emotions out. i would be an old geezer that was cranky and died sad.

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