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You write:
<But my dance partner - Phew! I just dread it when she changes her shoes. She bathes every time before she goes out, but every time at the end of the evening, her feet.... The smell brings me close to passing out. Yet she has no problem at all regarding skin peeling off. It's just the terrible smell. (Obviously, her shoes are just as bad.) But she refuses point-blank to acknowledge the problem. >

Please don't be too quick to blame her! Find out where she bought her shoes - some manufacturers use glue for the insert that rots and gives off an awful smell. I have the same problem - I have shoes I wear daily with no smell at all and then one pair of (yes, of course, very comfortable) practise shoes that just stink. And spray has very little effect. Come to think of it, I should just ave the insert replaced and see if it fixes the problem.

Besides, your partner is much more likely to talk about the issue if you blame the shoe and not her!

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The smell has nothing to do with her shoes. She has athlete's foot, accompanied by fungal nail disease - which has affected all of her toe nails, but steadfastly refuses to acknowledge.

I know from personal experience of having both athlete's foot & fungal nail disease to know what the symptoms are. I paid a visit to my G.P. to have something done about them. She will not, so she continues to have smelly feet and disfigured toe nails.

It's a good job that this lady is my ex-partner, (due to being poached from me) and nowadays just someone I dance with socially every now and then. I don't think I could put up with the smell from her feet all the time any more.

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Originally posted by Laura:
Chris! So nice to see you. If you still have my email address, drop me a line when you get a chance.

Yes I have your address, and you now have mail. Smiler

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