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[QUOTE]Originally posted by DanceAm:
Vietnameses? Burmeses? no need to add an additional "s"/QUOTE]
Yes, you need "s" there. Jews, Arabs, Chineses, Germans, all need "s" there. Let me treat you in the same way as I treated Egoist by giving you an example of the use of "vietnames."

"Vietnameses in Hoa Lu. From patriarchal origin, the family was founded on the values of fidelity to king (Trung), of family piety (Hieu), courtesy (Le) and generosity (Nghia). The family piety, considered as the first virtue, makes all the members of the family alive or died, interdependent in the misfortune or in the joy." You will find thousands of similar examples in interent. Still want to talk about English vocabularies?

In any case, I've given the hardest supportive fats here: If you want to lose weight, eat steamed veges and don't take synthetic vitamins because the other chiral isomer acts as posion. Has anyone said such thing?

No need to bind yourself in chain and torment. Nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. Please don't leave this board. We need you.
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Here is an interesting comment that we found about the focus, not to "lose", but to "maintain" weight ...

Don't Lose Those Pounds!

As we move into a new season the number one resolution will be to lose weight.

In one form or another whether it involves increased exercise, or dieting, the bottom line is that the number one resolution in America will be to lose weight.

And I'm here to tell you, "Don't lose those pounds!"

As we sat in our board meeting for my company, I set goals for the coming season. As I set the goals for the company I urged each employee to do the same for themselves personally.

I told them they needed to be specific and that they needed to write down their goals and bring them into the next weekly meeting and we would openly discuss any of the goals that they wanted to share with the rest of the company.

At the meeting as person after person spoke there was one goal that stood out; many wanted to lose weight.

I heard, "I want to lose 20 pounds, 30 pounds, 40 pounds." Everyone set their goal based on how many pounds they wanted to lose. As I listened to everyone who wanted to lose weight, I made a correction. I told them,

"Don't set your goal to lose pounds."

I know you're saying, "Why?" "Why wouldn't someone want to lose pounds to get in better shape, to be healthier, to look better, why wouldn't they want to lose pounds?"

Because it's a temporary solution.

When they lose the pounds, the goal is over and as a result it's not long before the pounds come back.

What I told them to do instead was this:
Don't set a goal based on how many pounds you're going to lose, set a goal for the weight that you're going to maintain.

If you are 180 pounds and you want to get to 140 pounds don't say, "I want to lose 40 pounds," say "I want to maintain a weight of 140 pounds."

When that becomes your goal it changes things. Once you get to 140 and you creep back up to 145 your goal is still there, the goal to maintain a weight of 140. So now you focus on getting the five pounds off instead of waiting until you hit 180 again and then begin the 40 pound routine all over again.

I've seen people take our product at and lose weight. The same phenomenon happens, it happened within the company, they lose the weight, then in a few weeks or months they're back up to where they started and repeating the same mantra,

"I want to lose weight...
I want to lose weight...
I want to lose weight."

Trust me; it makes a difference in just the simple way that you state your goal.

So don't lose those pounds.

State where you want to stay and stay focused on that weight.

Then WRITE IT DOWN and place it where you can see it each day.

Leave it there, even after you reach your target weight, leave it there.

So, what weight do you want to maintain?

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I want to maintain a weight of 160 pounds. I totally went off my diet around September or October and gained about 10 pounds!! Ugh.

Of course, 'tis the season...all my friends are on weight loss kicks and we're challenging each other! We all have to pick that pair of pants we want to be in by xx date, and if we all meet our goal we treat ourselves to a prize (haven't decided yet!). My first goal is to get back to where I was before the holidays, when my size 16's fit pretty well...they're pretty tight right now (don't want to wear them in public), so I want them comfortable and a little loose. Friend Grace is hoping to work out with me 2 days/week so we can motivate each other, plus I'm riding horses now and cleaning stalls and all that stuff, so that's good exercise. Went back on Atkins last Thursday and doing great so far!
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Hi all! Well, I, for one, am glad to see a group like this start. I'm a little overweight myself, but I used to be a LOT worse (I'm down to 216, was almsot 240). I don't mean to sound like one of those crazy magazine ads, but I really have lost a lot due to proper nutrition and a product from Symmetry called SimplySlym. And I don't mean to be preachy or anything, I mean, try it out if you want to (really, no money to loose, they'll refund if you don't like it, wether the bottle's empty, full, or somewhere inbetween). It's ephedra free and full of herbal goodness. And, it dosen't have that nasty chalky aftertaste of the other pills (trust me, I've tried a lot) #############

Hi Ballet.Tap.Jazz,
Thanks for your contributions to the forums and congratulations on your weight loss! Just a quick FYI that only Elite or Corporate members can post references or links to commercial-based websites, as stated in the membership policies. Thanks for understanding!

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I began a new discussion thread, but thought it may belong here as well. Sorry for the double posting.

Hi everyone-
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For information about these products, the company and/or the business, I invite you to visit the website:

Kind regards-
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I'm a twelve year year-old ballerina on the journey of becoming a prfessional dancer. I'm 5' 1"-ish and I weigh about 102 pounds. I admit that this isn't really too bad. But I don't feel satisfied with my weight, because think of how fat I'll be by the time I'm a grown-up. So I wanna get down to atleast 90 lbs. if I do good at this then 80, and if I become just absolutely on a role I'll aim to be in the 70s. I really wouln't mind being in the sixties, but then I would look sick, and people would think I was sick, and it would just be too much. So I'm gonna set my starting goal for this week at 98 lbs. I'm going to starve until next saturday i have lost 4 pounds. I think this is a pretty realistic goal since the first week is always the easiest. Smiler

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trying to figure out everything I did earlier in the year that got me from 134 to 118 in 5 months. I rediscovered Miso Soup. I used to have a couple of those and yogurt during the day, and then late lunch (maybe 1 chicken taco) and then gym after work and then a healthy dinner (Salad w/ chicken or Lean Cuisne). Or dinner, then gym.

I've gained 7 pounds and a boyfriend, and now I have to balance time for us, and time for me.
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