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Hello guys Im Macey Daniels, from Minnesota, I just turned 29 a couple weeks ago and my insurance cancelled, I got a physical to check things out before then and my alt and ast liver enzyms were up so I got a ultrasound of my liver, nothing found.. got another blood test a couple days later and they were normal, then I turned 29 and my insurance cancelled..
But recently, I have been having this pain in my upper middle back down through my right side, it hurts when I stretch out and it hurts when I take deep breaths, the pain on a scale of 1-10 is about an 8 when I take deep breaths and about a 7 when I stretch the wrong way. I have some trouble swallowing too.. I am concern because if something happens to me my life is not insured.
I have been surfing the net for good health insurance, i came into ##### has anyone tried online insurance? how effective is the online quote system? can i depend my money on these?

thanks in advance.

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Hi Macey,
Welcome to DanceScape!

In Canada and United Kingdom, basic Health Insurance is covered by the government, but we're noticing more and more people are considering extended private health care coverage.

The problem is going to get worse and worse especially given the situation with an aging baby boomer group in the next few decades, and that there does seem to be declining birth rates, particularly in North America.

In the United States, all your health care is privatized, right? How much were you paying monthly for this? Have you worked through Insurance Brokers ... or, if you are an alumni of a college/university, they also have group plans so it would be interesting to check out.

The thing about insurance is to compare rates, coverage of services ... but also "payouts" (how long typically takes to pay out). A lot of times, insurance companies may quote low rates, but to actually "collect" for valid reasons may take "years".

Unfortunately, haven't heard too much about online insurance, but if companies are legitimate, it seems that would be something one should check out.

We've always used Insurance Brokers to help get best rates and to do some initial work, but even brokers can be "biased" in the sense of getting the most commissions from the companies they represent.

They've somehow identified you as higher risk ... for your illnesses, have these been "new", or have you been experiencing for some time now?

What about twhere you work? Do they have some kind of insurance "partner" that they recommend?

Health care is such an important issue that we must take care of ourselves now through exercise, mental well-being, and activities that create in each of us that "spark" for life. Thank goodness more and more people now have discovered dancing! Applause Smooth Dancers Banana

live, love, laugh ... DANCE!

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Difference will be majorly to the features like riders, benefits and premium amount. It may less or more with multiple vendors.
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As our ultimate aim is health protection with less premium and more features policies, identify the available policies in the market and do a comparison with each. Thus, finally, you will come to know which is the best as per your requirements.
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