What if ... you won the LOTTERY!

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01-09-2005, 10:35 AM
What if ... you won the LOTTERY!
What if you won the BIG LOTTERY? What would you do with all your money? Would you ...

Buy a mansion and build a big ballroom?
Take lessons with ... <insert name>?
Run your own dance school or studio?

What would you do?
01-09-2005, 04:01 PM
What a question! I was sitting in front of a roaring fire with my husband last night and was thinking about my life...I don't really NEED anything so what would I do?

I'd like to help someone open a dance studio just so I could have a good place to practice :-) That's probably the one last thing that I "need" at this point in my life :-)

I'd finally take that round-the-world cruise I've been dreaming about since I was 18.

I'd take what's left and use it to endow a charitable trust so I could give money to all sorts of organizations...anything ranging from the Red Cross to Youth Dance Programs to medical research to whatever.
01-10-2005, 08:12 AM
Originally posted by DanceScape:
What would you do?

Spend it all on booze and hookers.
01-10-2005, 12:56 PM
Hey Joe,
You can do that without having to win the Lottery! Cheers 2 Belly

Seriously though, what would you do? Laura gave a wonderful response as usual. Wink

This was an article that we received recently:

What if you won a big one, like 100 million or so?

What would you do?

Let's go down the usual list.

Pay off the home (no make that buy a mansion - cash).
Buy several exotic cars
Buy clothes
Travel to exotic places
Hire servants (maids, chefs and chauffeurs)
Take care of relatives (mama at a minimum)

Then what?

What do you mean "Then What?"
I hear many of you asking, "Isn't that enough? How can there be a "then what" after all of that?"

You see people; it's the "then what" stuff that makes the real difference in life. All of the stuff on the above list, you will get tired of in six months or less. The excitement will wear off.

You will get bored. People will be after you for your money. You will get paranoid. You will discover relatives that you didn't know existed or at least you hadn't heard from in years.

They all will want one thing and it won't be your companionship.

So, you will get paranoid, as everyone wants your money.

Then what?

We often make the mistake of assuming that money will solve all of our problems. Money will only solve money problems.

In my experience in business, I usually find that it's the "other stuff" that's the real problem, not money. Often the "other stuff" is the reason for the money problems.

Let's start with the list of what you would do if you won a big lottery and I want to show you how you can live just as happy (if not happier) without the big lottery win.

Pay off the home (no make that buy a mansion - cash).

A house is NOT a home. Many have houses but not homes.
Many have mansions but not homes.
You can't buy a home, only a house.
A home is made with love, friendship, and loyalty.
You can't buy those either.
But you can get them without a big cash influx.

Buy several exotic cars
I have a fairly fancy car now but it pales in comparison to my first car. A Corvair. Not a Corvette, a 1966 Corvair. That was the car Ralph Nader campaigned against because he thought it was unsafe. I paid $125.00 for it. It leaked a trail of oil wherever it went. It smoked. It jerked. It might not get you where you intended to go, but it was mine. It was exotic. I got more thrill from that Corvair than from my fancy car now. Exotic is in the mind. Notice the hot graphics on the bus you are riding? Exotic is in the mind.

Buy clothes
A friend of mind saw Stephen Spielberg in a bookstore. Spielberg is the big movie producer of many of the all time great Hollywood movies.

Spielberg is worth hundreds of millions if not billions.

He was dressed in shorts, tennis shoes with no socks, and a floppy hat. You can afford to look like multi-multi millionaire Stephen Spielberg. Is that exotic enough for you?

Travel to exotic places
There are still a world of things in my city that I have never seen. Places that I have never walked. Streets that I have never driven. People that I have never met. So it is with your city. If you are not happy in your city, you won't find happiness on top of some foreign mountain or in some posh village.

Hire servants (maids, chefs and chauffeurs)
Invite your little niece or nephew over and pay them a toy to help you clean up. That will liven up your day.

Take care of relatives (mama at a minimum)
If your parents or grandparents are still alive, I can guarantee that they want to talk with you more than you talk with them. Talk costs you nothing but time and you don't have to win the lottery to have that. They want a little of your time, not a new house. Take care of them.

No matter how little (or much) you earn, always put something aside. I have seen that saving is a habit that's not dependant on income but on discipline.

The things that you do after the "then what?" will ultimately be more important than your list if you won 100 million.

If you've understood this, congratulations on winning the big one.
01-10-2005, 07:43 PM
I will invest - inmy appearence. The first thing - will do liposunction, laser surgery right after that. Seriously considering breasts reduction sergery too. Will buy myself a twobedroom condo in the good place and try male escort service. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
01-10-2005, 07:45 PM
I've read one more time what I wrote and decided that those money will be well spent. Big Grin
01-11-2005, 11:30 AM
I don't sit around dreaming about money falling down my face everyday, so it's quite a coincidence that I was thinking about winning the lotter just the other day! I was checking into the 2004 Super Star video and thought it'd be so nice if I could win a lottery and make a trip to Japan and have the best seats to this show.

My second thought was to travel, one of your usual items.

But the more I read on this board regarding partnership in pro-am and amateur circuits, the more I feel I already won the lotter having my husband as dance partner.

Never thought of dancing in the years we'd been dating. Once we decided to pick it up as a hobby after we got married, voila:

How lucky is that? Smiler
01-11-2005, 10:53 PM
Nine years ago I married a multi-millionaire. We divorced two years ago after about five of those years being hell. I'm not rich my any means now (of course that's relative) because a settlement for a short-time marriage with no children is not huge for the woman. But let me tell you this, I would much rather have the peace and serenity that I have today than to be with a man that was totally obsessed with everything that had to do with MONEY. Our whole marriage was based on investment worries, paranoia about who might "get" some of his money (including me), the "country club set of people that we "had" to socialize with, etc. He looked down upon people that were not wealthy - he thought everyone made their own destiny, and couldn't conceive that some people don't have the means, or relatives, to make a fortune. No money was ever given to charities unless there was a payoff or glory in it. To me, wrong motives. So, I couldn't take it anymore - - and I'm happier than I've ever been. That's when I started dancing and really enjoying the thing that mean a lot to me in life - family, being your own person, being humble enough to give to others without expecting something in return. Don't get me wrong, money can make life easier - but it can also make it miserable if it is not kept in perspective. Today I can be true to myself and trust that my Higher Power will take care of my needs and some wants. If I ever had a great deal of money again, I swear I give most of it away - - anonymously. I'm not stupid enough to not save enough to take care of myself and family, but there's just so much more important things in this world to bring true happiness.

In fact, I feel I just recently won the lottery.
During Slavik and Karina's performance at the AM Superama Comp in New York, Slavik pulled me onto the dance floor and we did a short chacha! And what are the chances of that happening? Enough to bring me a lifetime of thrills and gratitude for that opportunity.

I hope no one takes my attitude as being self-righteous, I just feel I've learned my true purpose in life, along with a little humility.
01-11-2005, 11:03 PM
Hi jivebelle,
Thank you SO much for sharing your viewpoint. [If someone wants to start a topic about "Fundraising" Events, we also have a LOT to say about this subject, and how "some" people have questionable "motives".]

That is so COOL about Slavik. If you have any photos, please email to us at or post in the Photo Gallery.

The key is to have "balance" in our lives, isn't it?

One of the interesting things about reflecting on this question is that it can make us realize that many things on this wish list can be done, without necessarily having to "wait" for that big lottery. It may take a little longer, but where there is a will, there is always a way.
04-26-2006, 01:38 PM
There would be a new dance company involved if i won the lottery. my friend from dance are always talking about classes we would have and great ideas on how to make dancing for everyone or even for specific people. i would use some money to help my dacning career out too, who wouldn't?!?! i would also help out struggling dancer with their dreams of percoming professionals.