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Chinese Ribbon Dance is one of the most famous traditional Chinese dances. The Chinese ribbon dance is a performance that features dancers using sharp, rhythmic movements and long colourful ribbons. The silk ribbons are attached to short, varnished sticks, and as the dancer manipulates the silk, they will also perform specific steps and leaps. The ribbons and choreography are precisely synchronized so that the ribbons form patterns and designs in the air that are captivating to all who watch a performance. The history of the Chinese Ribbon Dance goes back thousands of years. Chinese Ribbon Dance originated during the “Han Dynasty” and reached its peak in the "Tang dynasty". The ribbon dance was performed only for the royal people. Today, Chinese Ribbon dance has its popularity among the common people for its beauty and grace. The Chinese Ribbon Dance is known as "Cai Dai Wu Dao" in Chinese culture. It is performed in almost all the cultural festivals of China.

The ribbon sets for this dance are made up of two parts: silk or satin ribbons and wood or plastic handles. The ribbons used in the dance can be of any colour, but there is a strong preference for red ribbons. Red is traditionally the colour of happiness and luck in Chinese culture. Once you have you ribbons, you’re ready to learn your dance.

Listening to the beat of the music is the most important part of ribbon dancing’s art. All twirls and tosses should be synchronized with the main rhythm of the song, and in traditional Chinese music you will usually find a very distinct melody to follow. In general, large and flowing movements are ideal with slow music, so your ribbon will “float” above your body. Sharp and quick movements will give the look of fluttering and flapping that will bring an equal amount of beauty to your dance. Again, allow the music to dictate your motions and expressions. To stay authentic and professional-looking, be mindful of your ribbon at all times. Keep it off of the floor and watch out for knots as you dance. Practice many times before your performance, this is especially true if performing as a large group.

My Chinese Ribbon Dance workshops are always fun for everyone. With its history, beauty and elegance Chinese Ribbon Dance is a wonderful way to learn more about Chinese Culture.

Chinese Ribbon Dance
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I want to do it but since there is no dance centers teaching it near where I live, what is
a good style of dancing that can sort of help enhance my grace for it? Or flexibility?
I idolize Ziyi Zhang lol..

Like, an alternative or something that will help me be more ready when I do live near a place that teaches Chinese folk dancing.

For example, Belly Dancing helps for Tihitian or Hula dancing because of the hip movement, if you start out with belly dancing you're better prepared than just going into it with no dance training.

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