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Chinese Fan Dance dates from 2,000 years ago and was developed during the Han dynasty. The Art of Chinese Fan Dance conveys the hue, extravagance and splendour of the Chinese culture and is mesmerized by spectators all over the world. The Chinese Fan Dance highlights delicate movements with constantly changing rhythm, which is dynamic and graceful.

Chinese Fan Dances are generally divided into folk dances and classical dances. Folk dances include the kung fu fan dance, which is sometimes called the tai chi fan dance. These dances add beauty to traditional tai chi chuan exercises or kung fu exercises. Classical Fan dances are based on simple classical Chinese body movements, allowing the dance to be very soft and flowing continuously. Both Folk Fan dances and Classical Fan dances can be performed solo or part of a group.

Many Chinese Fan Dances tell stories, whether performed by a single dancer or a group. When performed, Chinese Fan Dances have a unique visual beauty. Chinese fans today are made of a variety of materials, including bamboo, silk, feathers, leaves and either painted or unpainted paper. Ornate fans are used decoratively or in fan dancing, and simpler, more durable fans may be used in everyday life.

My Chinese Fan Dance workshops will offer you the chance to experience this beautiful and graceful dance.

Chinese Fan Dance
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Thank you for the wonderful post. I visited the site and your artistry is beautiful.

For those in the Burlington, Oakville to Hamilton areas, you might be interested in "Yang-Style" Tai Chi and Qigong, which is not only an exercise form, but incorporates movements that are very much dance-like.

The Yang style of Tai Chi is also know as Tai Chi Chuan, which is very different from the Tai Chi of the Dao (Tao) philosophy. Tai Chi Chuan respects the tradition of its key founders by teaching authentic postures and hand forms. Combined with Qigong, a practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation, this unique form of Tai Chi results in greater fluidity of movements and energy flows for stress relief, relaxation, flexibility, fitness, and balance.

The Yang style of Tai Chi is one of five established forms which was founded by Yang Lu-Chan during the second half of the 19th century. Lu-Chan came from a poor family and during one of his odd jobs at the Tai He Tang Chinese Pharmacy located in the western area of Yongnian City in China, he was inspired to learn a form of martial arts that he had never seen before, which was used by one of the pharmacy owners to fend off some local hoodlums who were causing problems.

More information is available at www.dancescape.com/taichi. Sessions will be taught by Yang-Style Tai-Chi Master, Bruce Leung.

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