Diabolo Acrobatics

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08-21-2010, 05:16 PM
Diabolo Acrobatics
Diabolo Acrobatics has a long and enduring history in China. It is a traditional Chinese acrobatics art form. The diabolo is a juggling prop consisting of a spool which is whirled and tossed on a string tied to two sticks held one in each hand. A huge variety of tricks are possible using the sticks, string, and various body parts. Multiple diabolos can be spun on a single string.

In China Diabolos are still made out of bamboo with openings on the sides that create a whistling sound when spinning. Now days it is very popular in the west. In the 1980’s new materials and machinery began to rebuild its popularity. Modern day Diabolos are now aerodynamically designed and manufactured with lightweight plastic or rubber.

Diabolo Acrobatics includes many technical skills, People use string or rope to control it. Sometimes to make the diabolo fly up in the sky, sometimes to make it circle the body. It is an interesting art form especially with Chinese music. A talented and creative performer is able to execute an infinite amount of tricks restricted only by the imagination. This enables performers to captivate an audience for hours on end with various combinations of exciting tricks and manoeuvres.

My Diabolo Acrobatics workshops are always great fun for everyone.

Diabolo Acrobatics