is there ever folk dance on america's go talent?

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06-11-2008, 06:13 PM
is there ever folk dance on america's go talent?
i've seen it all on that show. i bet i'll see some of you one there too? know anyone who's competed or made it to las vegas? is folk dance a viable dance for the show? it should be. I really want to go on that show. it's like a great version of star search with lots more money. i think it starts again on june 17th. i'm so excited. nbc rocks!
10-20-2012, 07:36 AM
I tuned in strictly to watch Howard Stern and was very impressed. He's a good judge without being a total ass, and showed a lot of sentiment toward some of the more emotional acts. These talent shows ALL need a judge who tells the brutal truth.

There were a few decent acts but honestly I'll be looking forward to this show moving along a little better. The editing and production was utterly painful to watch. Less "Snapple chat", judges banter, Nick Cannon backstage nonsense and MORE of this "talent" the show is supposedly about. If it doesn't pick up I can't imagine hanging in there with it until the end.