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Hey guys!
As an allstar cheerleader for 3 years, I've heard every stereotype about cheerleading there is!
Most people think that cheerleaders are snobs and only hang out with their fellow cheerleaders. And we do! Because our team is like our 2nd family, we're always together, and have bonded throughout the season.
And another one that I think almost everyone but cheerleaders/cheer freinds think is that cheerleaders are snobby, skinny, blonde, preps. First of all, cheerleaders come in all shapes and sizes! And were not all blond! And most cheerleaders aren't snobs or preps! We just come across that way because we're outgoing and loud-but that's what makes us such good cheerleaders!
Another one (that I think has generated from movies and T.V) is cheerleaders are all popular. Some of are, but it's because we are, again, outgoing, loud, and, most times, friendly! There are some cheerleaders that are quiet, and may not have as many friends as others, but they can still be AMAZING cheerleaders!
And another is is that CHEERLEADING IS EASY or CHEERLEADING ISN'T A SPORT. Those are SO not true! Cheerleaders have to have stamina, flexability, overall physical health, SO much more! I would like to see them go and do our routines! AND cheerleading is ranked as one of the worlds most dangerous sports! We have throw and catch a PERSON, NOT A BALL, flip ourselves frontwards and backwards, hold a girl up 10+ feet in the air, ALL WITHOUT PADS! WE ONLY WEAR A SHIRT, A TINY SKIRT, AND A SMILE!

Yeah, stick that in your juicebox and SUCK IT! Big Grin
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