Cheerleading Feature on 20/20, ABC Television

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03-17-2001, 08:55 AM
Cheerleading Feature on 20/20, ABC Television
20/20 on ABC Television in North America had a great feature about Cheerleading. I didn't realize that each routine had to be a little over 2 minutes long, and that lots of universities/colleges especially in the US offer full scholarships. The guys and girls were just incredible, doing flips and other acrobatics. The guys showed their knuckles and they looked a real mess -- lot of bruises and some even had broken fingers, etc. because of catching the girl (often by the feet) and tossing her 12 feet into the air.

I was really captivated by Cheerleading. I always thought only untalented, snot-nosed, barbie-looking girls did this, but in the program, there were a lot of different body types and looks -- of course, I think they said most of the girls were petite (to be able to do those acrobatic moves, and for the guys to be able to throw them!).

I think the program was in Miami, FL -- I can't remember the name of the national US championship team and which college they came from -- but they have won 12 times apparently. Does anybody remember? I'd like to look into a program there, or welcome suggestions for other college programs.


03-17-2001, 06:52 PM
Hi, I could point you to some good sites where you can find out all you want to know about cheerleading but the conditions for using this messageboard (like many others) forbid posting the URLs of commercial sites as it is a form of advertising. If you'd like to e-mail me, I'll reply with the URLs of some cheerleading sites I know.
03-17-2001, 07:03 PM
OK, I ticked the box that said 'allow your e-mail address to be seen by all visitors' but it doesn't appear. I didn't see anywhere in the rules that it's forbidden to give your e-mail (if I'm wrong about that, please forgive me and feel free to delete it - I know some messageboards don't allow it, to protect their users) so I'll give it here,
***EDIT*** I just saw an article in the news yesterday about some guy who pretended to be a teenager, giving his email out in chatrooms and messageboards, then when the kids reply, making 'impropper suggestions' to them. Now, I wouldn't do that but I see now why some messageboards don't permit posting email addresses, Also in the light of that incident, I don't want to encourage anyone to contact people they don't know so please refer to my later post for suggestions on how to find the information you need. Take care on the net, Mick

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03-17-2001, 11:45 PM
Hi Cheers!

Wasn't that 20/20 feature just the greatest? Many people DO have the same assumption that you did that cheerleaders are a bunch of ditzy snobs. LOL! As a cheer coach for the last five years - I can said they are absolutely not!

Guys in cheerleading are sometimes a very hard commodity to find. That is why they are so energetically sought by top college teams like Kentucky (which was the featured team in last night's 20/20 segment). But, I have to tell you, the brusied knuckles and broken bones are not just things the guys suffer. There are all-girl teams that do elite level stunting themselves and the girls that base and catch (as well as spot)basket tosses can show your their "war wounds" as well.

When you really get into competitive cheerleading and what what the great teams are doing - you will see teams made of a variety of sizes and shapes. While it is easier to put a light girl up repeatedly in a stunt, if she can't hold herself solid - I don't know of too many bases who wouldn't trade her for a heavier but more in control flier.

I have three daughters who are cheerleaders. My oldest one used to be a flier, until her basing talents were discovered in all-stars. She is one awesome and strong base - but can still fly strong when needed to. My middle daughter can fly beautifully, but being almost as big as her older sister puts her ata disadvantage in her program - no one can put her up. :-( But - she is a phenomenal back spot - and proud of it! My youngest daughter is a flier and tumbler - she loves being tossed and flipped (and she's only 7!). They all have talents, that with the right coach, can be made stronger and surer.

In my coaching philosophy - I find where each of my cheerleaders can shine - and give them that chance. I had one girl last year, who was not what anyone would consider your "typical" cheerleader body type. However, she had the spirit and enthusiasm of five petite girls and found out that she could do some awesome partner stunting! If we didn't give her that chance - what good would have become of it.

Check out your local listings on ESPN in the near future. High School and College nationals should be airing in the coming weeks. This will give you some better insight into today's cheerleading and how awesome it can be.

If you think you might be interested in looking into college cheerleading, go for it! If you have a college or university near by - check out their schedule (I know, its March Madness and things are winding down - but you never know) SOmetimes they will have an open gym where you can come and watch or even participate in a practice. If there is an all-star gym in your area, check them out as well. Many all-star teams are still competing, but will have down time by April.

Good luck in your search for more knowledge!
Cheeringly yours,
Coach Sheila

03-22-2001, 06:23 PM
I just had a better idea, think of the initials of some of the best known cheerleading organisations in the US (eg. uca, nca), get a search engine and look for them. Register, and post the same question in their messageboard, or mail them directly. The administrators there will always do their best to advise you how best to find what you want to know!

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