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i am always in search of clothes that are age appropriate and it is hard finding hip clothes, being over 40, i discovered this online
store and just bought a great ballet top in white and one in black and very cool capri pants, also a brazilian cd, anyway it is a store for women over 40...mmmmmm.
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Hey gaby,
Thanks for the tip! Didn't you know, "40" is the NEW "30"? Big Grin

Actually, a lot of people we know in the 40's, 50's and 60's ... especially in the Dance world look AMAZING! They really do look like they're at least a decade younger.

Of course, some of them have BOTOX injections (yuck) on their lips, or have gone through gentler face-peeling See No Evil but there's no longer a stigma attached to just looking healthy and good.

Dancing in particular ensures we all can be "limber" until a very ripe old age. Some people we know with arthritis, for example, because they do gentle dancing, have greater mobility than those who are unable to move.

And looking good inside means we all can look good outside.

live, love, laugh ... DANCE!

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Thanks for sharing the information regarding the online shopping for clothes..I always prefer to shop from home via online facilities..It saves time also..I was looking for the clothes for my mom and wondering to know where to find..I will definitely look there..What about the fabric after use? Is the stuff good enough?
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