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I've been unable to have any lessons or practice pole dancing for over a year now.. and I've finally managed to get an Xpole in my new flat.. but due to my new working hours I can't go to my lessons anymore Frowner

I was quite advanced with the stuff I was doing before.. I can confidentially spin and go upside down on my pole.. but I seem to just be doing the same stuff over again, and with me not going back to lessons I'm not learning anything new apart from the odd thing I accidentally do myself!

I've been finding it hard to find a decent site which has videos.. I'm not really keen on step by step videos or videos which are mainly dance, I like to watch the full thing and then give it a go myself.

Any extra advice for someone returning to the pole would also be great! I'm scared I'm gonna overwhelm myself by being out of practice!

If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great! Smiler

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