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I can't make a decision. An instructor from Studio 1 left and created Studio 2

Studio 1
I feel sort of loyal to
Love my instructor
However, I am just finished Pole 3, and they currently don't have a Pole 4 and I'd hate to wait
Costs $85 ($75 with discount) for 6, 1 hour classes
35-40 minute drive from house
Sometimes may have to share pole (I haven't had to yet)
I have spent more than 16 weeks here
Static poles only
Other classes offered: yoga, zumba, burlesque and lap
(I have no interest in anything but yoga)

Studio 2
Have had this instructor for 3 workshops and one class, she is very great too!
New more private shop (they go by word of mouth only, no advertisement)
They have a class more comparable to Pole 4
They have spinning poles too
Other classes: Spinning pole, yoga, silk
(interested in all of the above)
In the future will have pay with paypal for ease.
10 minute drive from house
Will have to pay $1 for parking
$80 for 6, 90 minutes class.
In the future possibly will have one set monthly rate for unlimited classes.

I am so stuck! I think I am leaning towards Studio 2, however I do feel some loyalty to Studio 1 and the instructor I have had for 16 weeks!
Any ideas?
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