Quads instead of Inner Thighs

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11-16-2006, 11:18 PM
Quads instead of Inner Thighs
Recently I was injured and I was unable to dance for 2 months. I have gone back and I have noticed that while doing any excercise en l'air I feel a burn in my quad muscle, I assume this means that I am using my quad more then my inner thigh. I can hold turn out while doing tendus. What should I do while performing en l'air. I've noticed a buildup of muscle in my quads so lifting my legs used that muscle is becoming easier with those muscles but I know this is wrong. Any help is appriciated
09-09-2008, 09:46 AM
The quad is the biggest muscle in the leg so naturally it wants to do all the work. A common misconception is that we should be using the inner thigh to lift the leg. In reality, it is actually the hamstring that does the lifting, the inner thigh helps hold the turn out. BUT, all of this only happens if you concentrate more on the supporting leg. If you lengthen the supporting leg as if it is the one doing the work, this allows the proper muscles of the working leg to be used. So next time you're in class, concentrate using more of your energy on your standing leg. Is it lengthened and "wrapping" in a turned out position? Is your foot flat on the ground and not "rolling"? Is your knee pulled up and not bent or buckling as you lift your working leg? So many things to think about but start with the standing leg...that's the key. Good luck.