pirhouette emergency :D

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01-30-2007, 12:19 AM
pirhouette emergency :D
ok so first i need to explain my situation. if you don't care what level i'm in and all those details, skip ahead Big Grin. i'm in level 1B right now, but my instructors just moved me up to level 3...aka a pointe level! i'm going on pointe in the summer. i'm 13 and i started going to a very prestigious academy on the west coast about a year and a half ago. my teachers have been pushing me like CRAAAAZY to advance and sometimes it seems like they expect me to do technically challenging steps just based on personal talent...

which brings me to the latest problem: pirhouettes. i'm progressing perfectly normally in pirhouettes in center, and every advanced class i discover new tricks to help...or just muster up enough momentum Smiler. but pirhouettes at the barre are basically impossible for me. i don't know why...maybe some psychological thing. but i CAN NOT DO THEM! it's just pathetic! i just retore then from there its basically a tilting, moving, careening disaster. PLEASE give me any tips and tricks, or just some advice on talking to the teacher, or just shall i say it.....story of survival Smiler
03-17-2007, 12:41 PM
Hi Cupcake. It sounds like it is not a technical problem since you can do pirouettes in the center. I would talk to your teacher about it. Just ask for help - you may be instinctively shying away from the barre or the wall. I never liked pirouettes at the bar because of a claustrophobic feeling it gave me. And if you're feeling pushed, say so. Ask your parents for help talking to your teachers. It takes time to build strength, no matter your talent. And at 13 you have time...even tho' in the ballet world it never feels like it.
09-09-2008, 09:35 AM
As a ballet instructor, I give pirouettes at the barre often as I believe it has many benefits and that was part of my own training. You need to remember that the point of doing them at the barre isn't necessarily the turn itself. It's actually the end of the turn that is your goal. I teach my students to understand that holding the retire' position at the end of the turn while catching the barre is their "destination". Don't worry about the barre, it's there, it's not going anywhere and it's not suddenly going to jump out an bite you. Use a good plie' and push into the releve' retire' with the INTENSION of staying up at the end of the turn. Don't think "go around" only think "arrive at the front". Don't look for the barre at the end. If your arms are in a good strong 1st during the turn, you should be able to just naturally open the one arm and "feel" the barre, sliding your hand on it as you come around and then "catch" it. Remember, the "up" at the end is what's important and hold that retire' for a moment before coming down. Hope that helps. It's hard to describe it without demonstrating. Good luck and try practicing this on your own: Tendu side, close 5th front plie', releve' retire', come down plie' 5th, repeat it with a pirouette.