Ballet and High Heels

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04-07-2007, 08:45 AM
Ballet and High Heels
Hi all,

I am an absolute dilettante in terms of ballet, but I have a question related to this topic on which I would be really interested to hear your opinions:

Does ballet training give you the ability to wear high heels with more ease compared to non-dancers? And are ballet dancers - due to their training and physical condition - more inclined to wear higher-than-average heels?

I enjoy it when a woman wears high heels and since I pay some attention to it, I realised that some women have big problems with coping with 4" heels while others seem to be naturally "gifted" and wear 5" heels (or even higher) out to a party comfortably. What are your experiences and do you think there is a systematic difference between ballet dancers and non-dancers?

And what is your opinion on the heels shown in the pictures below? Would you say that a typical ballet dancer has the ability to walk in them well?

I look forward to your interesting replies!

Ciao, C.