Ballet pictures

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04-14-2010, 05:56 AM
Ballet pictures
Hi, I would like to invite you to beautiful ballet website.
Web full of beautiful ballet pictures: Each week are new pictures there, are pictures of ballet technique there (baletni prvky), pictures from more than 100 ballets (fotografie a deje baletu), world of ballet (svet baletu) - pictures from classes, back stage, pictures of jumps, are photogalleryes of famous ballerinas and dancers there (portrety...), painting pictures (malovane baletky), many many pictures of ballets costumes (baletni kostym), pictures from ballet academys from all over the world (fotografie z baletnich konzervatori), pictures from Daria Klimentova Master Classes (fotografie z mistrovskych kurzu Darji Klimentove), pictures from ballet shops (baletni prodejny), Edgar Degas pictures (Edgar Degas - baletni obrazy) and much more others. I hope, you will like this website.
Yes, web is in Czech language only, but ballet pictures donĀ“t need any words.
06-30-2011, 12:45 AM
I visited your link and found some great pictures of ballet dance. You have done a wonderful job. I am very good in providing salsa dance lessons. Your post is very useful in this regards. Great share.