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DanceScape is incorporating "Line Dances" in "Session@ the Dance".

We would like to compile, and then make available FREE to all registered DanceScape.TV subscribers:


Please post the names of any popular line dances that you have come across at dance clubs or events. If you happen to have the steplists, please email to info@dancescape.com. Or, if you are a "line dance afficianado or expert", please email us so we can enable you to enter the dances in the Session@ the Dance Database.

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URDC Fifteen Most Popular Dances For the 25th Annual Convention, San Jose, California July 25 - 29, 2001

15. Kiss Me Goodbye Foxtrot Tullus
14-13. Warm and Willing Childers/Slotsve
14-13. Over and Over Goss
12-11. London By Night Goss
12-11. Am I Blue Lamberty
10. Beyond Shibata
09. Liebestraum No. 3 Shibata
08. Salsa Cafe Shibata
07. Runaround Sue Rumble
06. In The Mood Goss
05. Begin To Color Me Read
04. Dancin' Meringue Shibata
03. Patricia Cha Worlock
02. Papillion Lamberty
01. And I Love You So Childers

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anyone know any good new line dances for the holidays. I'd like to introduce some new ones to our clubs for our christmas dance.
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Do Your Thing, its by basement jaxx to the song of the same name. Its sweeping the UK by storm, its a really fun dance filled with arm actions, the footwork is simple, so great for parties.

Kickit I find this site most useful for finding dance steps.

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I like Chico Ba
but I don't seem to be able to find it
in line dance web sites.
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In France, sometimes, we dance a line dance called "madison".
This dance appeared (in US ? in Europe ?) in the sixties. The music is a "slow" rock or twist. Generally, there are 8 steps.
Some of them are easy, other are not. But all are funny to dance.
On the most well known steps, sometimes you have 8 lines of 15 people each!!!

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Hey i remember that dance...we used to do it at school dances..lol...hey just wondering if there are any aussie line dancers out there
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My favourite dances are:

Dance - Choreographer - Music - Artist
1 Love On The Floor - Wesley Cowie - Dime - Beth
2 The Break - Maggie Gallagher - Breakout Ronan - Hardiman
3 Yeah! - Wesley Cowie - Nanana Karmen - Stavec
4 Vivacious - ShaBeDa - The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson
5 One Heart - Wesley Cowie - One Heart - Celine Dion
6 Shakatak - Kate Sala - Ciega, Sordomuda - Shakira
7 La Tenga - Kate sala - Que La Detengan -Alejandro Abad
8 Blue Beyond - Robbie McGowan Hickie - Beyond The Blue - Beth Nielsen
9 Donegan's Reel - Maggie Gallagher - The Battle Of New Orleans - Shamrock
10 And They Danced - Peter Metelnick - They Danced - Barry Manilow
11 Everywhere - Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs - Everywhere - Fleetwood
12 American Pop - Michele Burton - Shake Your Groove Thing - Peaches & Herb
13 We're Alive - Masters In Line - I'm Alive - Celine Dion
14 Badda-Boom! Badda-Bang! - Karen Hunn - Freddie Said - Barry Manilow
15 Everyday - Chris Hodgson - Everyday - The Deans
16 Jack's Back - Patricia Scott & Mike Cwykla - Jack Is Back - Diamond Jack

These are my personal favourite dances and are updated regularly at http://www31.brinkster.com/wesleycowie/charts_index.html


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