DANCE TIP: Balance, the Elusive Quality

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10-19-2004, 02:00 PM
DANCE TIP: Balance, the Elusive Quality

There are three main elements or key ingredients in the development of excellent balance.

THE FIRST ELEMENT (you were introduced to it in our previous issue) – "THE SUPPORTING LEG"

A constant awareness of the supporting leg is essential for good body balance. It is the supporting leg that sustains the body upright.

THE SECOND ELEMENT (which we will concentrating on in this issue) – "VERTICAL ALIGNMENT"

This refers to the vertical alignment of the three main body blocks: 1. Knees 2. Hips 3. Shoulders


"¢ Stand in front of a full body mirror and turn sideways so that you are looking at the mirror over either your left or right shoulder.

"¢ Bring your feet together; ankles touching and toes a little apart at a 45 degrees angle.

"¢ Now, keeping your knees together bring them forward so they are aligned vertically on top of your big toes.

"¢ Bring your hips forward to vertically aligned with your knees and the toes or balls of your feet.

"¢ Bring your shoulders forward so they are aligned with your hips, knees and balls of feet.

"¢ If you point your arms straight down you should see in the mirror, that your shoulders, hips, knees and ball of feet follow a straight vertical line.

"¢ Maintaining this alignment slowly put pressure on the ball of your feet and lift the heels off the floor (keep ankles touching). You should be able to go up and down on your toes without falling backward or forward.

With a little practice you will be able to stay on your toes in perfect balance. You will be on your way to mastering the rise and fall of the smooth dances like Waltz, Foxtrot and Quickstep. You will also achieve better balance and coordination during many everyday activities.

Have fun.

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