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Has any one heard of the Cheerleading movie "Bring It On"?

It's about the "Clovers" (cheerleaders from a Black school) versus the "RCH" (cheerleaders from an upper class predominantly white school), who compete for the national championships. The Clovers have a more "hip hop" style of choreography, and RCH had more "swing" style but is accused of "copying" the other team's dance moves.

Cheerleading is as much a sport as ballroom dancing!

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I saw 'Bring It On' last november. Ive seen this movie discussed on a couple of messageboards and it seems like most american cheerleaders didn't like it, but 'europeans' (especially UK) loved it. I did enjoy it, it was the only movie I've seen that showed cheerleading as a competitive sport and I really think this will have opened the eyes of many people (in the UK) who always thought it was 'just a bunch of girls jumping about on the sidelines'

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I LOVED Bring it On!! It showed cheerleading in a really good light. Although it still wasn't absolutely 100% correct it was the best cheerleading movie ever made so far!


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bring it on was the best movie ever.I really
enjoyed watching it.cya.

<&lt;Bring it on is wicked&gt;>
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i think bring it on is the best film ive seen so far! as im in a cheerleading squad it gave him loads of ideas to make my squad much better. All the moves they did were excellent, it took them ages to get it ready! its a 10/10 for me, i dont think no other film will beat it?
Well done to all those who took parts in it , you were excellent!
From Kirsty
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i loved the film to bits. hey mjt60a i agree most ppl in the uk think it's just a bunch of girls cheering at football games but i'v been intrested in it for a couple of months now. i have a freidns in cananda who tells me about their teams but in england u never coem across cheerleaders it's so unfair!! Roll Eyes

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