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Disco America was held this past weekend in Cherry Hill NJ at the Clarion Hotel. I attended Saturday, took the workshops, then came back for the Dinner Dance, with Show followed by the all night Party. The workshops ran from morning till late afternoon and the ones I took were great- Bill Cameron's WCS, John Lindo's WCS and Juan Calderon's Salsa class were all very detailed and gave me more ammo in these 2 dances. I came back later for the Dinner, which was a typical Hotel plate. The after dinnershow however, was far from typical. The acts were filled with many broadway performers,who moonlight as Hustle Salsa and swing dancers . The show was choreographed by Broadway Vet Arte Phillips, so what we got was a Broadway caliber performance from start to finish .There were many dance team acts both pro and Am - Phillips worked the performers at their level with precision. The top talent that we saw drew standing ovations. One sidelight of note- During the dinner itself, the DJ played a standard ballroom repertoire of Foxtrot, Tango ,Waltz ,Viennese Waltz, Rhumba, Cha Cha, and Paso Doble. Many of the dancers took the opportunity to show off their skills in other dances. My girlfriend, who is a ballroom fanatic, was in her glory. Thank you all organizers, performers, and staff, for making the event a great time!!!
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