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I've only ever taken a month of tap lessons and I love the fun style. I would like to become a lot better at it and any helpful advice would be appreciated.
I take all other styles of dance, one day my instructor asked if I had ever tried tap. When I said no she immediately let me join her intermediate tap class for the rest of the season. I loved it, the routine they had learned I was able to pick up in two classes and I became their extra, some of the girls were a bit flaky when it came to rehearsals. One problem I had was getting shin splints, is this common because tap involves a lot of jumping and leg movements I wouldn't be used to? Is there a way to help with shin splints or is it just a case of time? Any other advice about tap would be helpful. Thanks!
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May i please see a picture of you wearing your tap shoes and a video clip of you dancing tap i like to hear the clarity sound of your taps

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