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Who are the bread and butter of dance comps? Login/Join
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I thought by saying "many professionals", it would be enough of a caveat, but guess I should have phrased it differently! (Although I have my own specific issue with some extrememely unbusinesslike and unprofessional FADS personnel, I know that other FADS people are ethical, responsive and professional - thanks, Ben Smith! - so I'm not referring to my FADS experience now.)

Over the past 6 years, I've been involved with 3 studios and it always amazed me how the studio owner and some of the teachers had so little business sense. Although info calls were returned relatively promptly, students usually had to call twice to get responses to questions, last-minute changes were the norm (parties cancelled, new time for group classes, comp costs changed after payment, etc.). Other things like losing receipts (travel or other tax-deductible expenses). Having to call comp organizers myself because they lost some of the comp info or promised to call the organizer but kept forgetting. These aren't necessarily a big deal and the studios certainly had plenty of business, but I was surprised.

More coaches than you'd expect who never return calls (now that I think of it, it could be that the teacher had never called them and was trying to cover up....hmmmmm!) or cancel lessons. I know things come up, but when it happens fairly often that they forgot they were supposed to be at another studio and our studio has to reschedule all the lessons for the following week.

Obviously, Sam and the others you mentioned couldn't run such huge, successful comps unless they were good businessmen (or hired a great second-in-command). But, some of the smaller comps are disorganized - no one knows where the programs/tickets/numbers are, or the extra trophies, etc.

So that's my observation - you're right, I should have worded it better but I didn't mean to impugn all dance professionals (after all, there are a lot of unorganized, no common sense folks in the corporate world too!)

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Thanks Queenvee!!

I hear what your saying about some folks in the danceworld and hopefully that number is diminishing.

If Ben Smith and/or Jack Rothweiler happen to see this post, could you please post a way of getting in contact with either one of you? I have a question for you. Thanks

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Congratulations Ruth. Personally I think that they are great fun and something of a great way of getting into competitive dancing.

Good luck,

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I have not had much personal experience running any sort of Shadow Dance spec in arena play. Running with a build like 17/0/54 Subtlety allows you to pick up most of the key PvP subtlety talents, but forces you to skip many important DPS talents. Without Dual Wield Specialization, Vile Poisons, or Murder, our sustained damage is almost non-existant.
Brustvergrößerung Gastric Bypass

My problem with Shadow Dance is that I am too used to the long-game mentality. On my battlegroup, there are very, very few double or triple DPS teams. It's always a healer and a tanking class with the defensive cooldowns to survive a rushdown. Shadow Dance fails to provide any options for fighting an opponent for more than a few fleeting seconds. Backstab, its main damaging ability while outside of ShD, has a positional requirement that makes it a pain to use. How can you defeat an enemy team when all of your burst comes from one single cooldown?
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